Pentair 011012 Intelliflo VF 230-Volt Pool Pump

Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo
Pentair 011012 Intelliflo VF Pool Pump
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Pentair 011012 Intelliflo VF Pool Pump Review

Looking for a top-of-the-line pool pump that offers variable speeds and promises to dramatically cut energy costs?

The Pentair IntelliFlo VF 230-volt pool pump is versatile enough to use with any swimming pool or spa and is specially designed to supply the precise level and quantity of water that is required for any assignment it is required to perform.

One Smart Pump

The Intelliflo 011012 comes equipped with an onboard computer that can compute and apply settings for minimum water flow for a variety of pool related chores including filtering, cleaning, and heating. There is even a way to program flow requirements for spa jets and water features, allowing you to boost overall performance and keep electricity costs to a minimum. You will love how it automatically changes settings based on the specific duty is assigned to accomplish.

The Pentair Intelliflo VF 230 volt swimming pool pump can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. It literally will pay for itself in a few years.


Additional Features

  • High-performance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Built-in Computer & Software
  • Automatic Pool Condition Adjustments

Pentair 011012 Intelliflo VF Pool Pump Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Intelliflo 011012 swimming pool pump are outstanding from actual owners with almost all reviews we've found being 5 out of 5 stars. 

Positive Customer Reviews

You honestly need to put your ear right up against this pump to hear it running.  It's super quiet!  By my calculations, it is saving us over $50 per month in electricity. Pool is the cleanest we've ever seen.  Love it.
-- C.T.

Very quiet at low speeds, can hear it at high speeds. Definitely saves money in the long run. This pump both filters our pool and runs our spa.  Two for one!
-- E.R.

This is the perfect pump for people needing something to handle multiple tasks.  Very quiet and energy efficient.
-- A.B.

Negative Customer Comments

The user interface to program this thing reminds me of a 20 year microwave oven.
-- J.G.